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Phigit is a client-focused, results-driven company specialising in management consulting, technology services and outsourcing. We cater to businesses and governments across Australia.

We are about delivering results to our clients.  We partner to change the way our clients operate to improve performance.  Take a look at some of specialised offerings.

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eBusiness Strategy

eBusiness Strategy

eBusiness strategy is a critical ingredient to the success of all our portfolio companies.  Most businesses understand the importance of technology.  However, many businesses have a scattered, random approach to their eBusiness strategy.  Aligning all of our your eBusiness activities with your company strategy and objectives will generate impressive results. Many companies struggle with translating their overall business strategy into the eBusiness world. Phigit works with our portfolio companies to show you the possibilities of eBusiness and the companies execute their eBusiness strategy to generate quantifiable results.

  • As-is Snapshot - Strategy & eBusiness State
  • eBusiness Strategy and Mapping
  • eBusiness Plan
  • eBusiness Execution - Run by our portfolio companies with our support


We are always looking for great businesses in the making.  We understand that to get going sometimes you needs some assistance. Our incubator services help your business reach its potential.

Quality air monitoring equipment and air monitor information

See professional translator & interpreter services
Translator and translation Australia

Investment Portfolio

We have invested in a number of businesses such as Translationz who performs translation and interpreting services in Australia and North America translator sydney, translator melbourne, translator canberra, translator brisbane and and check out our translation to english site.

For a full list of our early stage investments and the businesses in our portfolio click here.


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Our techniques are targeted at increasing your internet presence, building your business reputation, generating more visits to your site,  increasing your direct contacts and ultimately building more sales.   People use the web to research.  This research influences their buying decisions.  Positive results can lead to sales and negative comments may lead lost opportunities.

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